The Telfair development promises to create a vibrant, dynamic and authentic city centre! We have put all the experience gained in designing mixed-use, sustainable and long-term neighbourhoods into planning this area. Telfair addresses the needs of a growing urban population looking for a unique quality of life.

This ambitious project aims to create a city centre that will act as a catalyst. It has been designed to meet all the expectations of a modern city. Telfair will include a wide range of services within easy reach for a simpler and more balanced life, including restaurants, shops, supermarkets, cultural and sports activities, private hospitals, schools and universities. Office space with ground floor retail uses and residential properties add to the attraction of this model city.

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The simple joys of living together

Telfair is designed as a modern and sustainable city centre with people, their needs and well-being at the core of its development.

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Reinventing tomorrow!

Similarly to Moka Smart City, this development is based on virtuous social, environmental and economic development codes.

A sustainable, pleasant and efficient city

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Urban density
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Functional and social diversity
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Renewable energy
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Soft mobility
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Creative architectural design
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Urban codes tailored to the climate
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Greening of the city centre
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Entertainment and culture
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Urban life

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Strict urban planning rules promoting pedestrian well-being, unity and harmony of the architecture, a continuous layout, simplified connections: the next-generation city centre.

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Draw inspiration from the energy of the city centre. Grow from the encounters that it fosters. Connect to the world around you. Be part of a unifying and inspiring whole.

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All day (and night) long. In the shade of a tree in summer, on a sunny terrace in winter. Business meetings, sharing personal confidences. A dinner for two, with the family or an afterwork get-together with colleagues.

« Every city has a heart – and that’s what Telfair represents for Moka: a dynamic heart that promotes creativity and encourages people to connect with one another. It captures and enhances the moments of life. »

Keep it sustainable!

A sustainable, environmentally responsible city centre that inspires its people and changes the way they live.

  • Green certification: LEED for Neighborhood-Development
  • Balanced urban planning
  • Soft mobility
  • Recycling systems
  • Water conservation
  • Renewable energy
  • Target figures
  • Smart meters and IoT for better control and monitoring
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In the name of mobility!

I walk | You stroll | He wanders | We run | You jog | They roam!

  • Specific 30km/h zones
  • Shuttles and bus stops
  • Bike tracks and pedestrian footpaths (La Promenade)
  • Parking spaces integrated into basements or the landscape
  • Electric charging stations

One neighbourhood, a thousand lives!

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La Promenade

A green avenue that promotes softer mobility! This lively urban passageway lined with retail outlets is perfect for a late afternoon stroll.

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The Square

The Square’s chimney is the perfect spot for catching up! A new kind of green urban spot at the crossroads of Telfair Avenue and La Promenade – like a breath of fresh air.

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The Amphitheatre

A pleasant interlude in a busy day. This urban garden helps social networking and is the gathering place for all cultural events, meetings and sports activities in Moka.

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The city centre streets

The streets of Telfair have a special vibe with shops, boutiques, restaurants, shopping avenues, cafés and bars, among others!

« By putting people and the urban environment first, Moka is the smart city of the 21st century. A place to live, work, play, learn and strike a new, more sustainable Mauritian work-life balance. It is a place that we will be happy to call home. »

Gilbert Rochecouste, placemaker.

Close access to anything anytime

  • Morning jog along La Promenade
  • Takeaway coffee for the office
  • New restaurant, new flavours!
  • Quick errands at the market
  • An afterwork drink on a rooftop
  • Walking home, what a pleasure!
  • Working in Telfair

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    A city with plenty of opportunities, a fertile ground for networking! A melting pot of local and international businesses. Much more than work: leisure, socialising, encounters.

    In practical terms, there are four buildings on 4-5 levels with 17,000m² of office space for rent. Flexible premium office space | Basement and ground floor parking | Public transport and easy access | LEED certification for all buildings.

    Collaboration and creativity combine to create new experiences every day!

    Discover the available office spaces

  • Doing business in Telfair

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    A city centre that lives all day and night, with the aim to stand out from the crowd. Let’s apply new thinking to what can be offered in Telfair!

    World cuisine | Fashion shops | Cafés | Bars | Coworking spaces | Concept store

    Telfair is tucked between the country’s two main motorways, in the heart of the largest population area with 70% of the purchasing power. Soft mobility increases the number of stops and opportunities.

    In practical terms, there are 3,000m² of retail space with a diverse mix of activities. Key locations opening directly onto La Promenade. 26,000 inhabitants in Moka and 1,500 businesses operating in the area. 2,000 employees in the future buildings. Optimum access through public transport.

    Discover the retail offers

  • Living in Telfair

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    A more balanced family life. Close to everything: schools, offices, shops, banks, services, etc. All the joys of city life: shops, cafés, cinemas, restaurants, a gym, a park!

    The Telfair Views Apartments project was a real success, with its 60 one- to four-bedroom units, including 6 penthouses, sold out within a few weeks.