The people of Moka have been able to recycle their waste for almost two years using containers installed at the heart of the city and supplied by the Finnish brand, Molok. We focus on this sensible and meaningful initiative.

Moka Smart City has been consistently promoting essential eco-friendly habits like waste sorting. That’s why recycling containers were installed in October 2020 in easily accessible parts of the city’s four main areas: in front of the Shell filling station in Telfair; at the entrance to Vivéa Business Park; in front of Synergy Sports & Wellness Institute in Helvétia; and in the Courchamps residential neighbourhood.

In 2021, these containers helped recycle 354.3m³ of paper and cardboard waste, over 311m³ of plastic waste (including HDPE and PET) as well as the equivalent of 26,113 litres of glass bottles and 4,050 litres of aluminium cans! This shows that they are increasingly popular with the users of Moka Smart City and that recycling is gradually becoming a way of life.

For maximum effectiveness, these drop-off points have been designed to accommodate a large quantity of waste with a minimum of smell. In addition, they use IoT (Internet of Things) sensors to directly notify the company in charge of waste collection of their filling rate: this improves collection planning and the teams’ responsiveness while avoiding unnecessary, polluting trips for our environment. On top of that, users will also be able to check the filling rate directly on the city’s website in the near future.

A responsible approach

Each recycling site has three different containers for sorting paper and cardboard, glass, plastic and aluminium. Explanatory signs and colour codes (blue, yellow, green) also make recycling an easy option! To avoid any missorting that could potentially contaminate the containers, a grey bin is available on site for non-recyclables.

“These containers are filling up more frequently since 2020, demonstrating commendable citizenship. We have also noted a transition at the national level: recycling bins have recently been installed across the island, and we are pleased to see that they use the same colour codes and signs. Such consistency can only make sorting and recycling easier for Mauritians!” says ENL Property’s Sustainability Coordinator, Anielle Carver.

To continue the good work, Moka Smart City is planning to install additional sorting bins in the new neighbourhood of L’Avenir. Various projects are also in the pipeline in the coming months to improve waste management and reduce the carbon footprint of the people of Moka: a special place will soon be provided for city residents who want to get rid of different types of waste – used food oils, WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment), light bulbs, batteries, magazines, clothes, furniture, etc. After all, isn’t developing a smart city about prioritising sustainable development?

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