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 Charles Telfair Campus:
“Becoming an education
hub for Africa”
With its scope of programs and new student accommodation, Charles Telfair Campus (CTC), in Telfair, is aiming at academic excellence in Mauritius and the region, says its Managing Director, Dr Jeremy Charoux.
 How is CTC positioning itself
in the education sector?
Our vision is clear: to become the region’s leading centre of academic
excellence revered for its teaching,
learning and research. We have taken a number
of important steps in positioning not only ourselves, but
also Mauritius as an education hub for the region.
Our international student recruitment efforts are paying off: we have a wide network of agents in Southern and East Africa as well as a booming student accommodation and a range of activities for our international students to
engage in. We have established strong partnerships with Toulouse Business School in France, as well as Macromedia University in Germany. Both offer several exciting exchanges and study options.
What sets CTC apart from other higher education institutions?
As pioneers of private education in Mauritius, we have been delivering globally recognised qualifications for the past 25 years. Our main academic partner, Curtin University, is ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world (ARWU, 2022). Also, our North & South Metropolitan TAFE diplomas provide
a blend of practical and theoretical knowledge as well as a pathway to a Curtin degree.
CTC is opening up more to the European market. What does this opportunity represent?
There are many benefits in having a diverse student population on campus. International students bring diverse cultures, which all our students can learn from. We recently hosted 35 German students from Macromedia University, who had an amazing experience here. I am pleased to say that there are plans to welcome more of them.
The campus’ new student accommodation is already
100% booked. How does this facility strengthen Mauritius’ reputation as a country of study?
With our 55 modern rooms, students benefit from top-notch security, living environments and the convenience
of being on campus. On-campus accommodation is an important success factor in attracting international students. Parents want to be reassured that their children are in a safe and caring environment. We are already focusing on the next phase
of development.
CTC’s Leadership Academy aims at developing the next generation of leaders. What is your overview of what has been achieved so far? Since 2004, we have pioneered corporate training in Mauritius by working with leading companies on the island across a wide range of sectors.
The greatest satisfaction comes from meeting these alumni that have had a transformative experience with us and have ended up in top executive positions in major corporations or who became renowned experts in their fields.
Curtin study programmes:
Accounting, Business Management, Design, Communication, IT, Psychology, Nursing
Foundation programmes
North & South Metropolitan TAFE diplomas (Australia)
students enrolled
 26   MOKAZINE / NO 4 / 2022
 Tadiwanashe Watson Chiwara,
BCom Management & Marketing, from Zimbabwe residing at CTC’s student accommodation
“Each time I look outside my window, I know that I made the right choice. The diversity present, be it for the language, food and different cultures, makes me feel like home (...). One of the best parts of living in Moka for international students is that we can walk around in a safe environment.”

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