Moka, Sustainable City’s very first free educational exhibition invites visitors of all ages to discover the concept of sustainable urban development from 6 May to 6 June 2023 at the Telfair Amphitheatre. There will also be four workshops on the same theme.

Sustainable urban development is embedded at the core of Moka’s strategy and is one of the four pillars of the smart city’s development. The purpose of this principle is to promote long-term urban development through a rational use of natural resources to minimise its impact while improving the quality of life of residents. 

“This exhibition stirs reflection on our relationship with the urban environment and how sustainable cities present a real opportunity for addressing modern climate change issues. We encourage the public to come and discover it in order to clarify certain misconceptions relating to sustainable cities and their features,” says Moka Smart City’s Sustainability Coordinator, Anielle Carver. 

Synergy of urban and sustainable development

Urbanisation is too often associated with a negative ecological impact but has a role to play in today’s ecological context. Sustainable urban planning with its principles of mixed use, bio-construction and land use planning to promote soft mobility addresses various pressing climate change issues. It creates efficient and balanced living spaces that preserve as much nature as possible to improve the quality of life of residents. 

A free educational exhibition

If you are interested in the topic, the exhibition invites you to explore the ideas behind sustainable urban development in order to better understand the underlying concept of Moka. You will discover international benchmarks and good practices in the field. 

You will see how Moka has managed to incorporate these international benchmarks into the smart city’s development for over a decade, especially through its eco-friendly development strategy based on long-term planning. 

Great activities to further explore the theme

Four free workshops give the public a beautiful insight into sustainable urban development. So why not take part in the circular economy fresk,  the climate fresk, a compost workshop or a visit of a photovoltaic farm to fully enjoy this month-long sustainable urban planning event? 

Four free workshops were organized to give the public a beautiful insight into sustainable urban development : the circular economy fresk,  the climate fresk, a compost workshop or a visit of a photovoltaic farm. A strong interest was evident among Mauritians, as all available workshop spots were filled within a matter of days, showcasing their eagerness to deepen their understanding of sustainability.

The exhibition is an invitation to the public, families and schools to enjoy an enlightening stroll before (re)discovering the outcome of this wonderful reflection on urban planning at the upcoming opening of Telfair, Moka’s vibrant city centre. 

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