Made in Moris, Tipa and Le Wagon are three brands that make things happen. They have recently settled at Les Kocottes. Why did they choose Les Kocottes and Moka Smart City? We have tried to find the answer!

Former poultry houses were converted in 2020 into a lively place for art practices, eco-friendly activities, learning and social bonding as well as citizens’, associative and educational initiatives. You will probably recall that Les Kocottes consists of six former 180m² poultry houses, eight 62m² cottages and one acre of common green spaces for all tenants to enjoy.

Welcome to Made in Moris, Tipa and Le Wagon!

Made in Moris

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The Made in Moris label was founded in 2013 by the Association of Mauritian Manufacturers (AMM) to certify the Mauritian origin of a product. This logo is now known island-wide and ensures the quality of some 250 brands that carry it. The Made in Moris initiative also aims to promote creativity, protect local industry jobs and promote Mauritian savoir-faire.

“The AMM and Made in Moris are a common body that promotes local production. It was therefore quite obvious for us to deepen our grounding by moving to Moka, which offers an exceptional setting. We have invested in a place steeped in production history, i.e. former poultry houses to remain fully consistent with and pay tribute to local producers,” says the AMM’s Chief Executive Officer, Bruno Dubarry.

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TIPA was registered as an association in 2008 to offer art workshops to vulnerable children with learning difficulties in several ZEP (Priority Education Areas) schools. Their work with educators and parents also includes training teachers and NGO educators to encourage them to take an appreciative and participatory approach with children. The NGO additionally conducts reflection sessions with parents to support them and stimulate them to become more involved in their child’s education. More than 1,900 children from 10 ZEP schools, over 1,800 teachers and NGO educators, and more than 100 parents have already benefited from TIPA’s support.

“We look forward to moving to Les Kocottes and become part of a community that, like TIPA, promotes art, supports education and encourages good citizenship. Renting space in this place will be a fantastic chance for us tenants to get together and share ideas on these subjects. The connections that we will develop will surely benefit our respective activities and inspire common educational, artistic and cultural initiatives. It’s exciting to know that we will be surrounded by highly creative artists and entrepreneurs!” says the NGO Manager, Camille Sénèque. TIPA also wants to partake in the social development of Moka. “Once we are settled, we will look into ways to support vulnerable children and parents in the region.”

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Le Wagon

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Le Wagon is an international organisation offering coding bootcamps in about 40 campuses around the world. Two programmes are currently available: a Web Development bootcamp and a Data Science bootcamp. More than 9,000 students have already obtained Le Wagon certification and Mauritians can now enjoy this wonderful opportunity! Honoris United Universities, a Pan-African network has been awarded the first Le Wagon franchise in Africa and recently opened its head office at Les Kocottes. From May, the first Web Development bootcamp will be open to Mauritians.

“It’s important for Le Wagon to be at the core of the tech ecosystem, and remain close to players in the tech industry – especially as we regularly host public events. Moka also enjoys an ideal location in the heart of the island, with easy access to public transport. Moreover, we are in tune with the spirit of the smart city in terms of environmental awareness and innovation, among others,” says Laura Martin, Project Manager for Le Wagon Africa at Honoris United Universities.

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