Urban outdoor living

Moka Smart City is developing, improving and protecting 35% of its area consisting of green and common spaces: a clear advantage for outdoor enthusiasts living and working in the region!

The main public spaces created to date are the Telfair amphitheatre, the Promenade and an urban park that will become a reality in a few years. These pleasant and safe places can be accessed 24/7.

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The Telfair amphitheatre
  • A 2.3-arpent (9,700 m²) oval-shaped green space
  • A 362m bike and pedestrian path around the circumference
  • A circular concrete space with bleachers in the heart of the amphitheatre
  • Ideal for picnics, group workouts and jogging
  • Complimentary activities available to discover here
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The Promenade
  • A 6km linear park and avenue
  • Connects Moka’s neighbourhoods from Telfair to L’Avenir
  • Pedestrian, bike and motor vehicle paths
  • A pedestrian and bike section from Helvetia to Telfair is currently available
  • Ideal for cycling and jogging
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Le parc
  • Area: 10 acres
  • Located between Telfair and Helvétia
  • Pedestrian and bike paths
  • A compost site
  • Water retention ponds
  • Opening by 2024

Moka, a city surrounded by nature

The Moka mountain range is a real playground for trail running and hiking enthusiasts. By the residents’ own admission, the green nature of the city and its surroundings contributes to the quality of their daily lives. Moka Smart City now performs year-round maintenance of trail running paths in keeping with its annual flagship event, the Moka Trail:

  • A total of 6 trails from La Laura-Malenga and the foothills of Le Pouce Mountain
  • Distances from 3.75km to 28.43km and elevations from 217m to 1,337m to suit all abilities
  • 250 signs installed and maintained
  • Installation of a sign explaining the different trails and markings at both departure points
  • The longest route crosses a total of 3 districts: Moka, Port Louis and Pamplemousses
  • Segments available on the Strava app for each route