Waste sorting in Moka

For your convenience, sorting bins for different uses have been installed throughout Moka Smart City – at street level as well as in the city’s latest residential developments. Sorting your waste has never been easier! Find out also how the Moka District Council manages non-recyclable waste.

Voluntary drop-off points

Twelve recycling containers from the Finnish brand, Molok have been installed in October 2020 at four voluntary drop-off points. You can dispose of your recyclable waste (paper/cardboard, glass and plastic/aluminium) at these points and they will be sent to the island’s various recyclers. Molok bins are large enough to store significant amounts of waste and on-site explanatory signs will guide you through the sorting process.

Where to find them?

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How to use them?
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Household sorting bins

The bin rooms of the most recent residential developments now have sorting bins for residents. There is a coloured container for each of the three categories: non-recyclables (red), recyclables (yellow) and organic waste (green). The waste is collected by the Moka District Council and sent to the island’s recyclers – except for organic waste, which is composted in Moka’s BiobiN digester.

Sorting our waste
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BiobiN for organic waste

Moka Smart City now has an organic waste digester developed by the Australian brand, BiobiN to process green waste from household and industrial sorting bins. The BiobiN converts the waste into “Made in Moka” quality compost to be partly sold and partly used as fertiliser for nearby fields.


Moka District Council’s Public Health Department is responsible for managing non-recyclables in the city. A fleet of 12 vehicles collects about 75 tonnes of domestic waste daily from households. The waste is then sent to one of the three nearest transfer stations (La Laura, Saint Martin and La Brasserie).