Building your home in Moka

Building a home is like building a life. And we know what this means. That’s why we strive to offer you a setting that is both convenient and pleasant in a healthy, unspoilt environment. What we promise is a consistent visual aesthetic across all residential areas, strict overall compliance with architectural guidelines and a property management association that is in touch with your needs and represents you within Moka Smart City.

Available residential land

We do not have residential land available at the moment. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn about the latest offers.

Why is Moka Smart City the best place to buy Land in Mauritius?

Moka has an ideal geographical location in the heart of the island, between the country’s two motorways.

  • A city where it feels good to live, work and play.
  • Smart urban planning with a focus on sustainability, technology and quality of life.
  • All daily conveniences at your doorstep.
  • An excellent return on investment: 310% capital gain on land (for the past 12 years).
  • As announced in the National Budget 2020-21, foreigners with a residence permit, an occupation permit or a permanent residence permit can now purchase a serviced plot of land within a Smart City Scheme.