Since one month, the whole world live to the rhythm of football. Still don’t know where you can catch this game? Here are three worthy addresses for those who wish to experience the World Cup differently than the couch beer combo:

1. The restaurant Amback, located in Les Allées d’Helvétia, has a menu replete with such items as a seafood platter, pizzas baked in an authentic wood oven, or a selection of grilled meats. It is a family-friendly place where you’ll be able to enjoy delicious food in a convivial atmosphere. Beware, the seafood platter is very likely to steal the game’s thunder!

2. The Flying Dodo, well known for its homemade beers, will also broadcast the game. Whether you opt to go there for a meal, or simply for a drink, this brewery’s atmosphere is the ideal one to properly immerse yourself in the World Cup frenzy. Note that it’s not possible to book a seat in front of the screen: it’ll be first-come, first-served!

3. The restaurant Muzika, located at Bagatelle Mall, welcomes you anytime to watch the various matches on a big screen equipped with a high-end audio system. To this, add an excellent selection of seafood, barbecued meat or delicious pasta, and you get a score of successful nights to look forward to! Special events will also be held during the World Cup.

On another note, FootFive, located in the leisure aisle of Bagatelle Mall, organize a special indoor tournament for the fans – the perfect occasion to go from background supporter to active defender of your team’s colors!