Last August, the sports club officially took over the management of tennis at the Synergy Sports and Wellness Institute. Over 79 registrations since lessons resumed point to an undeniable sense of enthusiasm for this sport. Get to know more of what awaits you through this teaser.

“We are delighted to expand our sports coaching offer. Sport is a vehicle of social cohesion, and our desire to open up the Moka Rangers Sports Club’s offer to a wider audience brings us closer to this ideal,” said Gérald Jetin, Manager of the Moka Rangers Sports Club. The inclusive aspect of this vision of sports and the balanced lifestyle it promotes are, furthermore, aligned with Moka Smart City’s own philosophy of holistic well-being. 

Tennis lessons for all ages

Did you know that you can start playing tennis at a very young age? Baby tennis welcomes children from the age of 4. In the afternoon, group lessons tailored to different age categories are available, whereas private lessons are available in the mornings, evenings, and on Saturdays. It’s a great opportunity for adults to receive coaching practice with the goal of improving their technique and, above all, having a good time 

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Young athletes will also find a place to thrive. Besides lessons, holiday camps will allow them to hone in on their skills. “We want these youngsters to have a good time and start their practice on a solid foundation. Of course, our students are encouraged to train for competitions if they so wish, but the core of the practice remains the passion for the game,” Gérald insists. 

How about a private match to welcome the summer?

While the courts are currently exclusively reserved for lessons, more will soon be available for private matches. Indeed, all the courts will be  refurbished to allow individuals to book them for family or friendly matches. The works are well under way, with  first courts expected to be operational in November, just in time to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. This will provide an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air of Helvétia with the majestic backdrop of  Le Pouce Mountain on these open-air courts. 

Always abuzz, the Moka Rangers Sports Club, is already considering the idea of opening this discipline to players with disabilities. One thing is certain; there's no excuse to miss summer 2023-2024. The Moka Rangers await you eagerly.

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