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13 Jun 2019
Moka’mwad and MGSS Moka have green fingers

On June 5th, Moka’mwad teamed up with ENL Foundation and ESP Landscapers to pay tribute to World Environment Day. They joined forces with the students of Mahatma Gandhi Secondary School (MGSS) in Moka to spruce up the front entrance to the school. The result: 959 plants were put in the ground.

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Live in Moka
10 Jun 2019
My life as a student at Curtin Mauritius - A day in Shanon Minkley's shoes

Currently a second-year Finance & Accounting student, Shanon Minkley gives us a glimpse into her student life, in the heart of Moka.

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23 May 2019
Smart City Mobility Challenge: A mobility challenge for startups

Mobility is a key challenge for the development of a city. This is why Moka Smart City is teaming up with Turbine, ENL Group’s business incubator, to launch the Smart City Mobility Challenge. The contest’s goal: to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of the city.