Your musical event showcasing local talent is back! Join us from 6pm to 10pm at Les Kocottes on 26 January 2024 for a unique musical experience in a freshly redesigned and unique venue.

You are probably familiar with Les Kocottes. These former poultry houses have been renovated and turned into creative work spaces by Moka Smart City to promote the city’s associative, collaborative and artistic life. The space already welcomes a variety of creative events, including artistic residencies and public workshops, and will host a concert for the first time.

©Siegfried Babooram

Moka Smart City has called upon the talent of the artist, Émilien Jubeau to reinvent the space in 2023. The aim was to create a multi-purpose venue suitable for hosting a variety of cultural and associative events. Les Kocottes now boasts brightly coloured facades decorated in the artists unique style. 

Would you like to host an event at Les Kocottes?

Get ready for Sakoue

This year’s first concert will feature electro-Afro-Mauritian beats, with a line-up that promises to keep you dancing: Sakoue ft. Ophélie Sauteur, Jason Heerah and Ribongia. Bring your most comfortable shoes and book your ticket now!

Yo LArtisan will also cater to your appetite with some delicious fusion cuisine. So, are you ready for a fun night out with your friends? 

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