Road infrastructure work continues to enhance accessibility in the Moka area. The new road linking Telfair to the Cybercity via Tribeca is now operational.

This connection between Moka and Ebene will ease traffic flow on the A7 road and allow motorists to bypass the Reduit roundabout, which is particularly congested during rush hour.

This development primarily benefits businesses and commuters in Moka, notably those working at Vivéa and Telfair. They can now swiftly exit these business districts and return to their offices with ease. 

Improved traffic flow in Moka

This new road complements various road infrastructure projects that are already operational or under construction to optimise connections between Moka and the rest of the island: 

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1. The B49 road, connecting Moka to the M3 motorway at the Ripailles roundabout via the L’Avenir neighbourhood (completed). 

2. Enhancement of the Verdun interchange on the A7 road, featuring 2 new roundabouts replacing the traffic lights (completed). 

3. The new Verdun Bypass Road linking Alma to the M3 motorway at Verdun (completed). 

4. Construction of a new roundabout on the Saint Pierre Bypass Road south of Vivéa Business Park, providing direct access to the M3 motorway (mid-2024). 

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5. The new Verdun interchange between the Côte d’Or National Sports Complex and the Verdun flyover, connected to the Saint Pierre Bypass Road (mid-2024). 

6. The new westbound A1/M1 bridge linked to the M1 motorway (mid-2024). 

7. The extension of La Promenade to connect the Vivéa and Helvétia neighbourhoods at the Côte d’Or B48 road (mid-2025). 

The new road infrastructure will significantly enhance the mobility of people and vehicles to and through the city. 

Stay tuned for more updates about the smart city.

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