Mobility continues to improve in Moka. The B49 road, which links Moka to the Ripailles roundabout via Saint Pierre, is now connected to the M3 motorway through the L’Avenir neighbourhood, providing a new point of entry into the city.

Residents of Saint Pierre will benefit from an additional connection to the M3 motorway, while this route will enable Moka Smart City users to enter and exit the city. Most importantly, the B49 road offers an alternative route to alleviate congestion on the A7 road during peak hours for northbound motorists. This connection will also ease traffic between the future mixed-use neighbourhood of L’Avenir and Saint Pierre. 

Access to the city from the M3 motorway

Moka Smart City currently has 4 entrances to and from the M3 motorway:

  • The Côte d’Or roundabout connects the southern and central regions
  • The Ripailles roundabout connects the villages of Ripailles, Saint Pierre, and Nouvelle Découverte, with access to the North.
  • The L’Avenir roundabout connects this neighbourhood to the road network and provides a new connection between the villages of Ripailles, Saint Pierre and Nouvelle Découverte, with direct access to the motorway towards the North of the island.
  •  The existing Verdun interchange on the A7 road provides access to Moka from the South, Centre, North and East. 

A fifth entry point from the motorway will be operational from mid-2024. The new Verdun interchange, located between the existing interchange and the Côte d’Or National Sports Complex, will offer direct access to the Saint Pierre Bypass Road. These access points are designed to significantly reduce traffic congestion while enhancing road connections to the centre of the island. 

The big picture

Surrounded by two motorways (M1 and M3) and intersected by two main roads (A7 road and Saint Pierre Bypass Road), there are several road infrastructure projects underway in Moka Smart City. The upgrades are being conducted at strategic entry points to better serve the area. 

Discover more about other upcoming infrastructure works, including the roundabout to the south of Vivéa Business Park, in this video.

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