Moka Smart City has taken up the challenge to implement a public space development approach that uses technology to reduce and manage the energy consumption of street lighting. Find out how smart street lights are an integral part of the city’s sustainable mindset.

Street lights often go unnoticed, but this light source provides a feeling of safety when moving about at night. They bring greater peace of mind to motorists, pedestrians and sports enthusiasts. However, they remain on until the early morning and consume a lot of energy! 

Traditional street lights in Mauritius have a number of drawbacks. In addition to their carbon footprint, the power cables involve various hazards, including physical deterioration over time or during natural disasters, short-circuits that damage a number of street lights, with the risk of fire and the impossibility of modulating lighting intensity. The optimum solution has not yet been found. 

The two types of street lighting in Moka

Did you know that the street lights in Moka Smart City have been designed for a positive environmental impact? 

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1. Solar street lights

In residential areas, they are equipped with photovoltaic panels and a battery to store surplus energy. They thus make maximum use of the suns renewable energy to ensure that the neighbourhoods are illuminated at all times, without any risk of breakdown. The elimination of power cables also makes the landscape more attractive while removing the risks associated with traditional street lights. 

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2. Smart street lights

In the business districts of Moka more than 350 smart street lights were installed and 50 new ones will be installed this year in Telfair and l’Avenir. The Internet of Things (IoT) is used to control them remotely. These lights can be dimmed according to requirements and their power consumption can be analysed to optimise savings. 

Technology for sustainable development

The focus of public space planning in Moka Smart City was on this key component of urban life. This has led the engineers to design smart, more eco-friendly street lights. New technologies are an invaluable tool to support Moka’s sustainable development strategy. 

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