The Neighbours’ Day connected people across Moka from 19 to 21 May 2023. Some 750 residents of the city gathered in their respective neighbourhoods and shared a fun time together.

These get-togethers were a great way to rekindle the spirit of neighbourliness. That was the whole idea behind this annual event, which has been supported from the beginning by the Moka’mwad citizen collective, whose goal is to make it easier for people to meet and strengthen neighbourly ties. 

In today’s world, we are trapped between the stresses of everyday life and technology-driven social isolation. The aim of this event is to promote mutual understanding and cooperation. “It is a real pleasure to know that this event allows the people of Moka to come together and forge links between themselves within their respective environments. These relationships form the basis of the spirit of cooperation and peaceful coexistence that make Moka so beautiful, which is why it is so important for the Moka’mwad collective to facilitate this interaction,” says the citizen collective’s Manager, Ketty Lim Ka Lan. 

A first time for some and a repeat for others!

Seven neighbourhoods took part in the third edition this year, with many regulars and a number of new faces as well. Stephane Rousselin from Circonstance and Sabrina Dyall from Gentilly, who were among the organisers, reflect on their experience after the event. 

Sabrina Dyall held her first Neighbours’ Day this year. “Everything went smoothly with the support of Moka’mwad. There was a total of 105 neighbours, and we had a wonderful time. It was a memorable moment, and we were able to share a laugh and mingle with each other. All neighbours are looking forward to the next edition!” 

“Our Neighbours’ Day was a remarkable success. It was a moment of sharing and connecting with people we see every day but don’t necessarily talk to. It gave us a chance to create a bond and a sense of belonging,” says Stephane Rousselin. 

The event celebrating good neighbourly relations took place over an entire weekend in Telfair, Courchamps, Camp Samy, Helvétia, Bagatelle, Saint Pierre/Circonstance and Gentilly. It was a source of fond memories and inspiration for an even more festive edition with even more people next year. 

This concept is open to all neighbourhoods of Moka, including those outside the smart city.

If you too would like to host a Neighbours’ Day event next year, the Moka’mwad team will be pleased to help.

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